2013 Food Drive

The 2013 Food Drive followed Texas A&M MBA Programs to the brand new City Centre Campus in West Houston.

Current and Former Students across several classes in the Executive MBA Programs from Texas A&M showed their generosity and Aggie Spirit in the annual Food Drive.

Together with the Professional MBA Program, Golf Tournament, and Country Fresh, monetary and grocery donations surpassed the 2013 goal of 6,000 lb. to a final tally of 14,802 lb.!!


1. Misty Page (Asst. Director Executive MBA Program), James Dwyer Class ‘12, JD Daniel Class ‘12, Julie Orzabal (Director Executive MBA Program) & a “Future Aggie” who helped to unload at the Houston Food Bank
2. James Dwyer & JD Daniel Class ’12 unloading at the Houston Food Bank
3. JD Daniel Class ’12 picking up boxes for the Food Drive

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